We create and produce events that embody a 

modern and custom style curated to our clients.

Our team

As expert event planning consultants, our planning efforts are structured to enhance the organizational and analytical aspects of planning an event.

Our clients are seeking a luxurious event that is designed specifically for their aesthetic and personality.

Working with Jayne Heir Weddings + Events means investing in a one of a kind experience that exceeds the expectations of your guests - leaving them marveled about every detail put into your event.


As a team, we value...



"Every event is truly a blessing and we ensure that our clients are well taken care of throughout the planning journey with us."

Alexander is passionate about providing high-quality services to enhance the overall planning experience for clients that desire a grandeur event. As a lover of lavish and fabulous aspects of life, Alexander incorporates her “heiress” mentality into each and every event, aiming to exceed the expectations of the clients. 

- Talema

"We are certified planners who take great pride in the events that we create and produce for our clients."

- Chayna

associate planner

associate planner

Jamésa Alexander

founder and visionary

"The day was seamless and perfect because of Jamesa and her team. Thank you so much for helping us to create truly unforgettable memories on our special day."

Janelle, bride